​​Our HAPPILY MAUI'D CEREMONIES give you everything you need to have a beautiful Hawaiian beach or venue ceremony for a wedding, a vow renewal, or a commitment ceremony in paradise.

All our CEREMONY PACKAGES are also fully customizable with our ceremony

ADD ON'S to allow you to manage the details and your budget.

You can easily add more services to your Maui wedding package and create your own dream ceremony here in paradise. Add photography services, professional video, live music, and many more.​


Experience Hawaii In Your Wedding

The Hawaiian Ceremony Elements

Make your wedding unforgettable!  Happily Maui’d draws on some of Hawaii’s most romantic and memorable traditions, and combines them with a modern chic touch to create an experience unlike any other!  
The Hawaiian islands are known for their beautiful beaches and their longstanding Polynesian culture and traditions.  At Happily Maui’d we can customize your ceremony to include the most romantic Polynesian traditions and give you the perfect blend of symbolic tradition and modern romance.
Join us on the beach or your favorite Maui wedding venue to get Happily Maui’d Hawaiian style!

Available as an Add-On

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Symbol Of Infinity

The Meaning Of The Lei Exchange At A Hawaiian Wedding

Happily Maui'd Couple. Flower petal toss to make a wish wedding ceremony, elopements, vow renewal

Ancient Hawaiian Wedding Tradition

Maui Wedding Package Wedding Rings

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