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Highligts Of Your Ceremony

A complete wedding Highlight Video of the most magical moments of your entire celebration, all set to your favorite music.  This is something that you're going to love to share with your family and friends, as it highlights the essence of your entire wedding day in one enchanting bite. It comes with one camera operator that films from a single point of view.  You'll get solid documentation of your entire wedding with perfect audio, and you'll really enjoy reliving your special moment in a way photos alone can never do.       


Includes: 1 camera, audio of vows, 3-8 minute edited Highlight Video with a song of their choice.

HD Video &  Live Drone Coverage

We will use two cameras for different perspectives, premium sound recording and drone footage to craft an extended-cut video of your ceremony.               
One camera operator is limited to one point of view, while two camera operators offer multiple vantage points to tell the story of your wedding.  You get close up shots, which capture all the details and emotion, as well as wide views, which complete the big picture of your wedding celebration. For a true master piece, this is the way to go.

Includes: 2 cameras, audio of vows, live drone footage of the couple at the wedding location 5-10 minute edited Highlight Video with 2 songs of their choice

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